About Us


Acting in the area of information technology since 2011, is currently installed in the state of São Paulo, more precisely in the city of São Roque. Focused on providing our customers with the best information technology can offer in financial and productivity gains, always focusing on security and innovation.

More than a commercial relationship, we see our customer as a business partner, the success of our clients implies our success too. Therefore we do for our customers, whatever is possible within the technology area to help them, always using common sense and respecting technical and legal standards.


Enable our customers to use technology effectively and safely, making them competitive in their segments.


To be recognized for delivering quality products and services, becoming a competitive and sustainable company, and maximizing the life's quality of our employees.

Our Values

  • Ethic
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Transparency



Remote and Face-to-Face Support

We serve our clients in a fast, practical, agile and secure way through our free remote support tool, and can also be face-to-face if necessary.



We have extensive experience in configuring, maintaining and deploying servers, meeting the most diverse needs in Microsoft and Linux environments.


Network Solutions

A well-structured network environment avoids problems such as slowness and loss of important data. We are specialists in diagnosis and development of projects for the implementation of structured cabling and re-adaptation of environments.


Advanced Internet Control

It is critical in a corporate environment to control and monitor the Internet resource, blocking dangerous and unnecessary web sites, ensuring that what's important and maintaining the environment safe.



The firewall is an indispensable device for the security of your network, controlling the accesses between the company network and the internet, it keeps the environment controlled and safe, thus allowing to identify and block attacks of hackers for example.



Having secure copies of the important data generated by your company is of vital importance, we have custom tools that allow you to automate the backup process, thus increasing the efficiency and allowing better monitoring of the process.



Through the VPN it is possible to interconnect the network between branches, allowing to create a unique logical network, this way the data is encrypted and sent through the internet to its destination in a safe and confidential way.


Software Development

It is not uncommon for companies operating in specific branches to need customized software solutions, when necessary we propose to understand the need and develop such solutions, in the expectation of evolution to the technological level of your business.



When it's time to making technological decisions for your company, such as server acquisition or software licensing, it is essential to have qualified professionals to take a decision, thus avoiding unnecessary costs and especially wrong acquisitions.



Following correct project management standards and practices, we are capable of developing projects in the area of structured network cabling, corporate wi-fi networks for large customer volume, also rack structure and CPD assembly for small and medium-sized networks.


Wi-Fi Profissional

Controlling access to the wireless network can be a problem when the volume or the client rotation is high, we have tools that allow to generate access tickets in order to control and monitor access to the WI-FI, increasing the availability of the resource to the right customers.


CCTV Solutions

Nowadays it is extremely important to have real-time history and visualization of important physical points of your business. Monitoring systems allow real-time visual access to your business in a practical and safe way through the network or the internet.